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7 Characteristics of How Sober Living Should Be

Evaluation of sober living homes is important for the documentation of their services and how effective their programs are

Studies that has documented the characteristics of the person’s social environment is related in the consumption of the alcohol and substances which are all associated with the person’s dependence. It has also stated that the client must show certain positive changes that are all associated with the outcome of the treatment. Sober living homes intentionally provide individuals an environment that is drug and alcohol free that’ll help establish or maintain the individual’s sobriety. Aftercare placements that are used for clients who are completing treatment residentially however, there are no tracking measures of functioning over a period of time. What are the different characteristics of a sober living home in order to uphold the different policies that are expected of them?

1. The facility must provide a structured, effective and safe treatment for drug addiction, alcoholism and eating disorders wherein clients will receive care from individualized mode of treatment which will help the clients and residents overcome the addiction while living in a facility that’s well equipped and improvised.

2. Environment must spell peacefulness and serenity in order for fast recovery and rehabilitation to be continued. The place must also be accessible for the benefit of the resident’s loved ones to visit. It should be away from influences that can be harmful for the individual or may tempt the person who are in it to account for submission to their past lives. The place must make the residents feel that they’re just inside their homes and not just another rehabilitation center.

3. The staff working inside the institution must be supportive and must be able to guide the client through the procedures of effective recovery. They must be knowledgeable in the event that relapse may take place. Working staff must be able to communicate with the residents effectively and in a very therapeutic manner without harshness or intimidation.

4. Activities must also be done in order to create a more fun environment like surfing, exercising, sailing, excursions and the like. This will ease the person’s stress and boredom in the process. These activities must also be fruitful enough to bring back the dignity and integrity of the person.

5. Treatment options must be laid out in the simplest way possible in order for the residents to refrain from any relapses or mild episodes of their past life. If detoxification is needed, then it is provided with the physician’s agreement.

6. Care for the recognition of different genders is also important in order to facilitate a more equal level of support and instructions. It will identify the gender’s individual and more appropriate need to be able to allow a more educated and fair treatment.

7. Programs must be acceptable and are acclaimed by people in authority. The facility must make sure that the programs are conducted for the easy modifiability and strict compliance of the structure’s standards. Innovative programs must be designed according to the needs of the individual and not just the facility. Sober living facilities must ensure the client’s individuality and not merely looking at the disorder’s pattern. The facility should comply with multidisciplinary functioning that is the main reason why sober living homes are out in the first place.

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