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COVID-19 Mitigation Response

• Enhanced Cleaning- House meetings: discuss as a way to give back/support the household.
• Enhanced Personal Hygiene- House meetings: discuss hand washing, not sharing dishes/utensils, use of hand sanitizer.
• Social Distancing/ Isolation- Electronic communications. Limit number of persons in bedrooms. House meetings: distance when possible.
• Mutual Help Groups- Attendance at on-line meetings. Additional in-house closed meetings for house residents only.
• Visitors- Prohibit or limit visitors. Increased monitoring of visitors.
• Admission of New Residents- Limit or cease new admissions. Refer applicants who are ill to other services.
• Managing Residents with COVID- Isolate from other residents. Assist Access to Healthcare
• Loss of Employment- Assist residents with access to unemployment and other benefits. Support efforts of associations (e.g., NARR) to access funding assistance for recovery homes.
• Psychological Stress- House meetings: discuss stress reduction strategies. Maintain connections with mental health resources. With increased time at home, encourage use of peer support and increased bonding.

Your Safety Is Our Mission

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